Hancock County

Fort Lovell

…as Excerpted from the Foxworth Diaries

An Admiralty Anchor

…a Gift to HCHS

Historical Marker for Brown’s Vineyard, Waveland

(before Katrina)

Clermont Harbor

…a brief history

Bricks in Early Hancock County

…for construcion of Fort Pike?

Bricks, Fort Pike

(Russell’s file notes)

Hancock County as Part of West Florida

…Communications during the Spanish Period

U-Boats in the Gulf

…a bit more recent history

A Slow Drift down Pearl River

You, me, and a skiff in the current of the Pearl

Clermont Harbor, MS

…and Teilhard de Chardin

Albert Sidney Johnston, Jr.

…a connection to Bay St.Louis

A Road through Napoleon

“I wish I could repeat those days….”

Bricks – an Update

…new information

JFH Claiborne

…an excerpt


…an excerpt

George Gauld – Important Claimant in Hancock History

by Giardino, with assistance from Guerin

Indian School

…for HCHS’s newsletter, February 2008

An Update, Indian School

…..with thanks to the National Park Service

Smuggling Slaves into Hancock County

…the case for the legend

Marco’s Overview of Hancock County Prehistory

…with permission from my friend, Marco

Poitevent and Favre Lumber Company

Lumbering in Hancock County

…when timber was king

Lake Borgne

…when it extended to south shore of Bay of St. Louis

Belle Fontaine

…a speculation

Minutes of Hancock County’s Police Court, 1863-1866

…a Civil War acitivity

New Study: How the Civil War Affected Hancock County

…a follow-up to the Police Court article

Book B – Analysis

…some of the oldest deed records in Hancock County

The Gleig Report – War of 1812

…with attention to New Orleans

The Carroll Plantation

…an inquiry

An Honor to be Shared

…and a meeting with an astronaut

The Strange Case of the Purloined Ballot Box

Vigilantes and Worse in Hancock County

…Gen. Forrest too

Analysis of Deed Book A

Early deeds of Hancock County, MS

More on the Choctaws

…a sad tale

Deed Book A – Hancock County, MS

…the earliest deeds in the county

Deed Book B

…early Hancock County land records

Poverty Point, Claiborne, and UNESCO

…an exciting possibility

Iron Ore in South Mississippi

…a new mystery

Addendum to Previous Post

…cannon to right of them
cannon to left of them

New Book just published by Russell Guerin

Early Hancock County – a few of her people and some of their stories

Newly Discovered Hancock County Records

Board of Police and Probate Records

I. Slave Data Base – Hancock County, MS

II. New Slave Data Base – Hancock County MS

…compiled from Deed Books A and B

Police Court during Reconstruction

…as gleaned from Book A minutes

Follow-up on Book A, Police Court Minutes

with special attention to the new courthouse

Belle Fontaine, Old Maps, and the St. Roch Spring

Albert Baldwin

III. Additions to Slave Data Base as Taken from Probate Book

Alphabetical Index of Slave Data

Slave Data Base – some observations

Book C, Hancock County Deeds

Early History, Hancock County, MS

Early Pearlington