New Book just published by Russell Guerin

Early Hancock County – a Few of her People and Some of their Stories

I am pleased to offer to all who have followed my web site over the years a new book about the early days of Hancock County MS.
          This book is not a volume of fiction, but rather a collection of stories about Hancock County, Mississippi and some of its people. 
          Hancock County is only a small corner of a large state, but it has a rich history involving pirates, the Civil War, cotton plantations, slavery and Native Americans.  Many stories of important events and their participants have been passed down as legends.
            It is the task of this book to uncover and explain the truths that are the bases of the myth, to find and report as much as possible through primary evidence and written history. In the process, names will be recognized as more than local significance, such as J.F.H. Claiborne, Jean Lafitte, Simon Favre, Andrew Jackson, Jr. and the mysterious,  tantalizing,  Jean Blanque.
          It can be ordered through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or directly with Outskirts at:
           I hope any readers will enjoy this book as much as I did uncovering and preserving these stories.
Russell B. Guerin, a Creole in Mississippi