Atlantis, Mississippi

…for the grandkids

Memories of Childhood

Joy in the retelling

The Clermont Harbor Hotel

– a few facts, some faint memories

Wilfred Louis Guerin 1900-1960

Three Years of My Life

Army Daze – Letters to Wilfred, 1954-57

from Russell B. Guerin

Costa Rican Earthquake

–as remembered by Russell Guerin,
assisted by Vic Cieutat and his big black book

Paw Paw’s Beach

Music Memories

…Midori on January 9, 2010

The Olivier de Vezin Family

…My claim to Creole status

Le Morte d’Arthur

…a balance

Uncle Albert

Now, about one of the Bezous…


New York Life’s New Orleans General Office

…a perspective for my daughter, Michele – July 2004

Chanson de Roland

…one of my brothers

Moral Imperatives

…not to be read by anyone but my grandchildren


…and little more

An Escape! Jazz Fest to St. Bernard Parish

A Fork in the Road

…my Yogi Berra moment in time

Not a Missing Rembrandt, but…

a Memoir

My Friend Marvin

A New Memoir

The Knute Heldner Painting

…a convincing clue

A Perspective for my Daughter Michele – July 2004