Comments from Readers

….a bit of self-indulgence
            Perhaps the primary joy in keeping a blog is found in the author’s having a way of getting a story out that has been pent up inside, and without that avenue he would be destined to hold it in forever.
            What an uncomfortable prospect is indigestion without end!
            There is, however, another form of recompense, that being in sometimes receiving comments from readers who without the benefit of the internet would not be heard.
            And sometimes those comments lead into dialogues that produce interesting exchanges. A few have come by telephone, one searching me out through the Hancock County Historical Society. It led to one of those expansions of a post, in the nature of a “revisited” subject. If a reader offers new information within the categories represented by this blog, I will be more than glad to give it space – with the offerer’s permission, of course.
            Some examples follow, in reverse date order, first for this past year.
Nov. 8, from New Orleans: “…how much I enjoyed reading about the old guys….”
Oct. 26, from Destrehan, LA: “Thank you for taking the time and effort….a really good read about life in the area in the early 1900’s”
Oct 21, from China: “…tour guide extraordinaire…”
Oct. 18 from Chicago: “Really enjoyed reading your posts….”
Oct. 16 from Vancouver, WA: “Enjoyed looking over your blog.”
Sept. 5 from Atlanta: “I find your research on the Pirate House at Waveland very thorough and fascinating.”
Sept 2 from Texas: “Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.”
July 6 from Mississippi: “I loved them all!”
July 1 from Virginia: “Thank you for the information on those three pages; it is really fascinating and useful to me.”
June 11 from Pearlington, MS: I like your web site. It is just wonderful.” 
June 9 from New Orleans: “…a beautiful and haunting finish to an excellent piece.”
June 1 from Gulfport, MS: “I ran across your writing over the weekend and they have captured my thoughts ever since.”
Feb. 4 from Diamondhead, MS: “I have just been reading your terribly interesting sketches of life along the Pearl River.”
Feb. 1 from somewhere in MS: “I enjoyed your trip down the river.”
Jan. 10 from Tucson Arizona: “I have been reading, learning and enjoying your web site. Thanks for taking the time to record this story.”
Jan. 3 from North Carolina: “I liked the quote about a library being lost.”
Jan. 2 from New Orleans: “Loved your ‘passage’ poem!”
            These last two came just after the web site was opened on December 9, 2009.
Dec. 25, from MS: “Your web site is outstanding.”
Dec. 12 from New Orleans: “The memoirs I think are beautifully written.”
            As one can plainly see, I am not too old or jaded to shun encouragement. All comments are welcome, even those that might be negative, as long as they are constructive. One such pointed out that I had identified the wrong Andrew Jackson as an artillery commander at Vicksburg during the Civil War siege. (I had him as Jr., and it was in fact Andrew III – a welcome correction.)
            As listed at the bottom of my home page, a direct line to this web site is .