Index of Deeds, Sea Song Plantation

… Sec. 16, T9, R14W
The property that became known as Sea Song Plantation was a 16th section, called lieu land, which was dedicated for school purposes. It could be leased for 99 years, but not sold.
Early (probably March) 1857: Andrew Jackson Jr. acquired lease of property from Asa Russ, who was already raising Sea Island cotton on this site: 318 acres, including all of Buccaneer Park and extending to what is now Clermont Harbor. Assistance in transaction was given by J.F.H. Claiborne. At the same time, Jackson bought Clifton Plantation in present Port Bienville, next to Claiborne’s Laurel Wood Plantation. 
February 7, 1870: Roderick Seal purchased from Sheriff.
May 25, 1876. Sempronius Russ and wife Ella J. Russ of De Soto Parish, LA deeded to Honore F. Deblieux, Jr., for $2,000 with terms @ 8%. “Being the late residence of Coll. Andrew Jackson and purchased by Sempronius Russ from Roderick Seal on May 18, 1872.” (Sempronius Russ was the son of Asa Russ, who had sold the property to Jackson in early 1857.) (Question last note, to be compared to genealogy from Barry Russ.)
Over the years, the property passed to a number of Deblieux family members, ultimately to John Deblieux. The family had owned the lease for 47 years.
April 16, 1923: John Deblieux and wife Ella Watson sold to Bishop Robert.E. Jones, the unexpired lease to run to February 22, 1943, for $6,000 on terms of three years @ 6%. The Deblieuxs are shown as living at “Opelosus” in St. Landry Parish, LA.
January 30, 1924: Robert Jones transferred lease to Gulfside Assembly.
The house burned in October 1935. Buccaneer Park now leases this same 16th section from the State of Mississippi.